Welcome to the official website of the Vitreks Ltd. company

Company Vitreks Niš was founded in 1994. It is organized as an LTD, and it's dealing with the distribution of pipe repair clamps and couplings.

Owner of company, Mr. Goran Jovanovic, is also the owner of manufacturing operations "Atlantik" in Gornji Barbeš (South Serbia), this makes the LTD "Vitreks" to be authorized for the wholesale of "Atlantik" pipe repair clamps and couplings in the country and abroad, without any restrictions.

Years of experience in clamps production, inventions follow up, as well as readiness to accept the suggestions of customers, have contributed that "Atlantik" pipe fittings become and remain the fastest and most reliable solution in overcoming the problems of water supply in urban areas. Usage of the mentioned pipe clamps and couplings will insure lasting reduction of losses in the water supply network, as well as significant savings in production and distribution of water.

Our customers are mostly public utility companies, dealing with the water supply, and we cooperate with 60 water supply companies in the country and 40 abroad. Apart from Serbia, we are also present in the markets of Slovenia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Bulgaria. Orientation of the company is further expansion of the market, as well as new product development, which would facilitate the maintenance of water systems.

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